UK 20th century potteries, potters, ceramic factories
Blue marked brands visible in the gallery

Adams, John made patterns for Poole Pottery
Akerman, Russel
Anchor Pottery Co.

Bennet, Harold, created the "Fantasia" pattern
Beswick, John factory
Bourne, Joseph designed for Denby
Bretby Art Pottery (founded by Henry Tooth & William Ault in 1883)
Brough, Alan
Buchanan, John
Burgess & Leigh > Fantasia pattern

Cardew, Seth
Carltonware factory
Carter, Stabler & Adams > designer Truda Carter
Casson, Hugh > designed for Midwinter
Clappison, John designed for Hornsea Pottery
Cliff, Clarice designed for A.J. Wilkinson
Colledge, Glyn & Albert designed for Denby
Conran, Terence > designed for Midwinter
Cole, Walter & John founders of Rye Pottery (1947)
Cooper, Susie designed for Wedgwood
Cooper, Waistel (1921)
Coper, Hans
Cuffley, John designed for Portmeirion

Dadd, Jack designed for Pearsons
Davies, Tony Bredon
Dawe, Bob
Denby founded by the Bourne family

Emmet, Rowland > designed for Wade

Finch, Raymond
Fishley, Holland
Frewin, Alan
Frith, David

Green, T.H. & Co. Ltd from Gresley

Hague, Andrew
Haig, Jenny designed for Poole
Haille, Sam died 1948, was married to Marianne de Trey
Hallam, Albert > designed for Beswick
Harrison, Nic
Haskins, Gwen designed for Poole Pottery
Hayward, Jim designed for Beswick
Hornsea Pottery > founded by Colin & Desmond Rawson 1949
Hunt, Martin designed for Hornsea Pottery
Hurn, Tim

Jefferson, Robert > designed for Poole Pottery

Kirkham Pottery from 1962 owned by Portmeiron

Leach, David, Bernard, Janet
Lowerdown Pottery

Machin, Arnold > Wedgwood
MacKenzie, Warren
Makison, Norman > Wedgwood
Malone, Jim
Marshall, Bill
Meakin, Alfred factory took over Midwinter in 1968, part of Wedgwood since 1970
Melbourne, Colin > designed for Beswick/Royal Norfolk
Memphis > see Beswick > design by C. Melbourne
Midwinter, Roy factory
Moorcroft, William
Morris, Tony > worked for Poole Pottery
Murray, Keith designed for Wedgwood

Newport Pottery

Paveley, Ruth > designed for Poole Pottery
Pearson, Colin
Pemberton, Gill > designed for Denby
Poole Pottery,  formerly Carter, Stabler & Adams
Portmeirion > formerly Grays Pottery
Queeensberry, David > designed for Midwinter

Radford, E by Wood & Sons
Ravilious, Eric > designed for Wedgwood
Rawson, Colin & Desmond founders of Hornsea Pottery 1949
Read, Alfred > designed patterns for Poole Pottery
Reich, Tibor > designed for Denby (Tigo-Ware)
Ridgway Potteries, > Prod. Homemaker line
Rie, Lucie
Rogers, Phil
Royal Doulton factory
Rye Pottery > Walter & John Cole founded 1947

Seeney, Enid > designer of "Homemaker" pattern > produced by Ridgway
Sharp, David designed for Rye Pottery
Sparrey, Peter
Staite Murray, William
Swinnertons Ltd.
Sydenham, Guy > designed shapes for Poole Pottery

Tait, Jessie designed for Midwinter (Festival, Sienna, Queensberry patterns)
Tinnyunt, Robert
Trey, Marianne de (1913-)
Troika factory (1963-1983)

Wade, Heath & Co. factory
Wallwork, Alan (1931)
Walther, Conny (1931)
Walton, Sarah
Wedgwood, Josiah factory from 1767
White, Alan designed for Poole
Wilde, Nigel > designed for Midwinter (Pierrot pattern)
Wilkinson, A.J. factory
Williams-Ellis, Susan & Euan owners Portmeirion
Wills, Peter
Winkle, Kathie designed for Broadhurst
Wood, Beatrice
Wood & Sons > Ringwood > also signs E. Radford
Worcester Royal Porcelain Co. Ltd.


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