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Fascinated by the japanese culture, I am happy to show some pieces from my porcelain and pottery collection. Not being too good at reading japanese yet, some information will be incorrect. Now retired, there is finally time to do more research into japanese porcelain of the Meiji and Edo period. Some pieces look old, but were produced between 1920-1980. After 1990, it was practically impossible to find high quality pieces on fleamarkets for a reasonable price. Most of the pieces were found 1980-1995. Anyway, I hope you get as enthousiastic as me scrolling through the items...

On Japan: walking the Nakasendo ("central mountain road") with BV was a highlight and an unforgettable experience. Of the museums we visited, the private cloisonne museum in the center of Kyoto and the Hokusai museum in Tokyo, made the deapest impression. After the Lockdown, I hope to return to Japan to continue to learn from the japanese people. Did you know, that, when going back 13 generations, 98% of earth's population is related, we are all family... So, it will definitely feel like going home again!

What is different here? In this website you can become familiar with the pieces because they are photographed in a studio in natural light with a Leica 50mm lens and the Leica R8 DMR camera. You can see the details (+100%), the back as well as the front. The asian section has 1200x1200 pixel images. Higher resolution images are available on request for publishing, when the URL/source is named. Use the contact formular for high resolution picture requests.

Requiries from Museums: I like donate pieces to museums, or make them available for temporary display at exhibitions, if they will be published. Please use the contact formular for inquiries. Marked "(n/a)" items are sold or donated, so, not available.

Fangsong Shitou! (means: "relax your tongue")
Discovery: René Ben Lisa (1926-1995)
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Francis Crociani: discovery of a postcard from 1962
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Swiss Art Nouveau/Deco pottery from Steffisburg
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