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List of contributors:

Peter Gresch (USA) - for providing information on "Faiencerie de Thulin" of Belgium

Christoph Messerli (CH) - for his insight & help on Swiss ceramics and his pottery donations

Frédéric Tillard (FR) - for identifying a René Meynial dish

Jean-Pierre Cadot (FR) - for his information on the  work of Ray Camart (Vallauris)

Kevin Bülow (DE) - for his information on German ceramic manufacturers

Norman Warbreck (CH) - for giving information on Joseph Holdcroft

Volker Hornbostel (DE) - for his information on Elsterwerda

Walter Herbster (FR) - for his identification of some Vallauris' signatures

Jan Jönsson (SE) - for his information on Nis Stougaard, Svaneke, Denmark

Yves Johannel (FR) - for his information on Poterie Jean Johannel, Ferney Voltaire

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