Tradition & innovation in Swiss Ceramics

During the 20th century, Switzerland had many very interesting ceramists and ceramic manufacturers. Around the Thun/Steffisburg region, pieces comparable to those by Max Lauger, Karlsruhe, were made. Around Geneva, with it's french culture and rich clientele, the workshops of Noverraz, Menelika and Bonifas produced important art nouveau and art deco ceramics. Nyon, Langenthal, Zurich and Schaffhausen had factories/workshops in
porcelain and pottery of high artistic quality.

In the 1950's, among the main ceramic artists there were: Mario Mascarin, Edouard Chapallaz, André Louis Freymond and Philippe Lambercy (see also the unique Freymond collection). Lambercy, Chapallaz and Jean-Claude de Crousaz continued their work till the late 20th century.

I hope this website will introduce swiss ceramists (known and unknown) to a larger international audience and that you feel the same pleasure as I, in discovering their work.

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