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The italians have been surprising us with their superior creativity as well as horrifying kitsch. Sometimes their ceramics walk on the thin border between the two. I am always happy to discover italian pieces, but it is rather rare to come across them. Due to accidents, turbulent italian mariages and a limited housing situation, a lot got broken or thrown away, since few people recognized the high level of craftmanship, or they lacked respect for their national products. Now, probably for nostalgic reasons, this pottery is hunted down ferociously and collecting has got a speculative edge.

Some important ceramists of the fifties were: Salvatore Cipolla, Federigo Fabbrini, Marcello Fantoni, Claudio Ferri, Bruno Gambone, Claudio Lancern, Leardo Lega, Ugo Lucerni, Fausto Melotti, Cesare Sartori, Gianni Tosin, Guerrino Tramonti, Umberto Zannoni and Carlo Zauli.

Help wanted: in the Mid-Century gallery "marked Italy" section, I have several pieces of unknown provenance made in the 1950's. When you recognize the workshop or artist, please don't hesitate to mail me. Thank you very much! Grazie!
January 2021: Chinese and Japanese pieces added!
Chinese and japanese items will be added in the coming 2 months -
These pieces come from older collections and most were purchased before 1980. There will be also additional information about marks, styles and quality... more...
Francis Crociani: discovery of a postcard from 1962
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Minimalist Ceramics by André Freymond
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