Andre Freymond, Switzerland

In this section I would like to ask your attention for the work of Andre Louis Freymond (1923-2011). Most of his work was executed during the 50's and 60's and is very recognizable. He invented forms (often animals) & geometric decorations never seen before. Also he came up with some unbelievable glazes which you have to touch to be able to appreciate them.

In 2000, I had Mr. Freymond on the phone, he was living in Lausanne and sounded very frail. I asked if I could interview him, but he did not want to know anything about it. He explained his health was very bad. He was surprised him when I told him how much his work impressed me. Saturday june 9th, 2012, I found 3 ceramic pieces in Lausanne, Switzerland. The lady selling them told me Freymond had died last year. So, unfortunately we don't know much about the man behind these pieces but I hope this website will somehow immortalize him...

The following sparse information was provided to me by a former pottery associate: André Louis Freymond, born 14.10.1923, worked as a studio potter and painter. Pottery education at the ceramic school of Chavannes-Renens (Lausanne) Switzerland. Worked in Basel and Rheinfelden from 1942, had a pottery studio in Böckten from 1948. First personal exhibition in Lausanne in 1956.  Following expositions in: Liestal, Basel, Zurich, Aarau, Sion, Viege, Solothurn, Bern & Rheinfelden. Diploma of honour in Florence, silver medal in Prague. From 1967 on, permanent exposition in Böckten: "El Pueblo". Made study travels to Italy and Spain. His agent was Séquin-Dormann in Zürich (a shop specializing in home decoration and kitchen utensils, closed down in 2009). His pottery was sold by flower shops, or directly from the pottery. He closed the studio in Böckten around 1978. I guess he moved back to Lausanne to retire among the more culture sensitive French/Swiss of that region.

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