Fratelli Fanciullacci Ceramics 1862-1988
Floor vase made by Fanciullacci in the 1950'smore
With pleasure I show you this amazing & huge vase (46cm high), made in Italy, around 1958, by the Fanciullacci brothers from Montelupo. It was possible to attribute this piece to them because of other signed (with the double "FF") pieces I found in the last 10 years (see the italian section of this site), showing the same clay, incising techniques, white glazed rim and style of decoration. This piece is marked "Italy" and model number 2901. Decorated with ladies in various poses, waving at us or wearing vases. The rim is glazed in white, the chamotte clay is left mainly unglazed. It is difficult to fire such large pieces (46cm high and a diameter of 24cm), often they have cracks because of cooling down too fast, but this piece is perfect and although 50-60 years old it looks as if it was fired yesterday.
The Fanciullacci pottery was founded in 1862 on the small island Capraia, north of Elba, between Corsica and Italy. Around 1911 they moved the factory to Montelupo, this to be able to distribute their wares by rail more easily. Their 1914 catalogue shows more than 1000 different models. Before moving to Bitossi in 1935, Aldo Londi worked for Fanciullacci. The company produced ceramics in many different styles and followed the trends and tastes of the time closely. In 1966 the decision was made to expand and open an additional factory in Florence, which proved to be fatal, the demand for ceramics was stagnating in Europe and the good times were over. The artistic quality was lost and all activity ceased in 1988.

Some other ceramists who worked for Fanciullacci:

Vincenzo Ossani
Lorenzo and Giovacchino Canneri
Dino & Mario Scappini
Bruno Bagnoli
Benvenuto Staderini

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Source: Walter Del Pelegrino, Roberto Conti (Archivio della Ceramica)
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