20th century ceramics from Holland
Decoration designed by T.A.C. Colenbrander in 1885 for Rozenburgmore
Holland had many ceramic workshops/factories at the beginning of the 20th century. They could build on centuries of experience, like "de Porceleyne Fles", a ceramic factory that has been in business since 1663. Around 1840, competition from english manufacturers (transfer printing opposed to handpainting) became so strong, that many dutch factories had to close down or reduce their production. By engaging talented designers (like the architect T.A.C. Colenbrander by the Rozenburg factory) at the end of the 19th century and smoothing production methods (slipcast production in small series, but handpainted), new workshops were founded. The "Gouda" art nouveau and art deco pottery became famous worldwide. All the pieces shown here were found in Switzerland, which says something about the distribution in Europe.
Discovery: René Ben Lisa (1926-1995)
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Francis Crociani: discovery of a postcard from 1962
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Swiss Art Nouveau/Deco pottery from Steffisburg
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